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Enterprise Development

Enterprise development is about more than growing your own business – it is about developing and growing a space that creates jobs and livelihoods for all South Africans. This program is about the entrepreneur and how the business you develop can be the catalyst for many others.

Our entire Enterprise Development Program is designed to achieve goals that create prosperity for the entrepreneurs, their employees, and often the communities that surround these businesses. This is achieved by implying Conscious Leadership values at the core of the Programme.

In South Africa, Enterprise Development can lead to the growth of more small businesses, can provide those entering the job market with opportunities and can ensure the provision of these opportunities is sustainable.

There is no force that brings about more change than a company that easily identifies what is important to it. It is this purpose that gives your company greatness. This remains our central philosophy and approach toward Enterprise Development.

enterprise development

From good to great!

“The key to greatness in self-leadership, is to live in interview mode, 24/7, because this enables us notice the moment when we veer off course, and take corrective action, almost immediately.” –

Queen RamotsehoaFounder of Tsheto