Enterprise Development

There is no power that creates more change than a business that easily identifies what it cares about. This purpose is what creates greatness in your organisation.

Enterpise development in South Africa is about more than growing one’s business – it is about developing and growing a space where jobs & livelihoods are created for all South Africans. This program is about the entrepreneur & how the business you develop can be the catalyst for many others too.

The entire program is anchored in achieving goals pertaining to wealth & prosperity for business owners, their employees & oftentimes, the communities that surround these enterprises.

From good to great!

“The key to greatness in self-leadership, is to live in interview mode, 24/7, because this enables us notice the moment when we veer off course, and take corrective action, almost immediately.” –

Queen RamotsehoaFounder of Tsheto