Leadership Courses


At Tsheto, we believe the rationale for continuous leadership development is contained within the following compelling Setswana (African) proverb: “Tlhako ya morago e gata mo tlhako ya pele e gatileng teng.” Loosely translated, this means that the hind foot, steps where the front foot has landed.  We welcome you into the house of Tsheto, as we share the principles and methodology that has proven to keep the ‘front foot’ of many a business on track.

Absolute certainty ensures that you absolutely cross the finish line

Our clear definition of what our higher purpose is, what a leader is, what leadership coaching is, and what the most effective tools and vehicles for leadership coaching are, provides a clear road map of how we will help you reach your desired business destination.

As best said by Michael D’Aulerio, author of A Runner’s Secret and The Ultramarathon Guide: “If you have absolute certainty, you will absolutely cross the finish line.”

The definition of a leader

There are a myriad of definitions of leaders out there, but the one that resonates the most with us at Tsheto, is this: “A person with the ability to influence others positively.”

What coaching means to us, and ultimately, to you

Naturally, any business leader is emotionally and subjectively involved in their business. At Tsheto, we have come to understand that coaching is a means to help you gain objectivity and see what you need to see to reach your goals.

“Coaching is about making someone see what they do not see and that they need to see, and inspiring them to integrate these insights into choices, judgements, decisions and actions for success.” – Queen Ramotsehoa, Founder of Tsheto

The most effective tools for coaching

It is said that the bridge between mastery and skills, is time. Based on decades of experience, we at Tsheto have developed a range of leadership courses for emerging, developing and strategic leaders, that has proven to achieve the outcomes that our clients aimed to achieve. To support those who cannot afford these courses, we have also developed a cost-effective set of self-leadership tools, which comprise a journal, diary and cards.

The mark of ultimate success

The Tsheto trademark coaching model, which is leadership anchored in consciousness, is founded on the Conscious Leadership Maturity Matrix© that leads to the Conscious Leadership Maturity Rewards that basically consist of the tangible outcomes of personal, societal, organisational and leadership greatness.

As best said by Michael D’Aulerio, author of A Runner’s Secret and The Ultramarathon Guide: “If you have absolute certainty, you will absolutely cross the finish line.”

Greatness starts with you

The Adinkrahene, which is the chief of the African adinkra symbols that has purposefully been woven into our logo, does not only speak to what we strive to be, but also to what we endeavour to help you be, which is the epitome of charisma, leadership and greatness.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be great to get started, you just have to get started to become great. Talk to us today, to find out how we can support you to keep on taking proactive steps to ultimately reach the greatest and grandest vision you have for yourself, and for your business.