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Meet our Founder


We share some highlights of the story of our founder, Queen Ramotsehoa, in the hope that it will inspire your story as well.

Queen Ramotsehoa

The secret to getting ahead, is getting started…

Early in her career, Queen Ramotsehoa was a teacher for many years before being offered the position of Editorial Manager at Maskew Miller Longman. One of her proudest professional moments during that time was when her team launched Outcome Based Education (OBE) textbooks under her leadership.

A wise man once said that to teach is to touch a life forever. The journey that Queen Ramotsehoa’s life took planted a seed that began to grow in her heart, and that is to have a manager do the same, touch a life forever.

Transmuting tears into triumph

In 1994, Queen suffered a heartbreaking loss when the matriarch of her family passed away. As she spoke with others about her mother, she noticed that they all expressed similar sentiments about her mother’s person and the lasting mark she had left on their hearts and minds.

Herein lies the beauty of tragedy, that it does not leave a person unchanged. It was in this moment that Queen woke up to the fact that her own higher purpose is, in a way, aligned to that of her mother’s: To make a lasting positive impact on others.

The founding of Tsheto, purpose-infused

To come to terms with her loss, Queen embarked on a journey of introspection that led her to visit her grandfather’s grave. The epitaph on his tombstone read, “Here rests a man who served both God and man.” This resonated with her deeply.

Inspired by the example of her elders, Queen Ramotsehoa gained clarity about the role she wanted to fill, which was to become a leader in society. Moreover, she realized what she wanted to achieve as a leader: “To serve both God and man.” This moment of clarity inspired her to found Tsheto Leadership and Coaching Academy.

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”

Despite the clarity, Queen soon felt a restlessness in her soul. She realised that in teaching others how to be leaders, she was merely imparting a predetermined and limited knowledge.

It is said that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. It is no wonder, then, that Queen received an invitation to a coaching course at this time. This set her on the path to becoming a fully qualified consciousness coach.

Moving from “teaching” to “coaching” marks a significant milestone in the progression of Tsheto, as the art of coaching, lies in the art of assisting discovery. In looking from the outside in, to objectively helping other see what they need to see to succeed. And in empowering to unleash their own power to conceptualise their own solutions to challenges.

On the wings of an earth angel, Tsheto starts to soar

Connecting the dots, it becomes clear how elegantly Queen’s journey unfolded: First, she discovered her higher purpose, which is to make a difference in the lives of others. Second, she learned that the best way to achieve this was to become a leader and help others become leaders. And finally, she understood that coaching is arguably the most powerful way to enable leadership.

But something was still not right. And that came to Queen in the form of an unexpected encounter with a business associate whose honest, fresh perspective shone a bright light on the situation Tsheto found itself in at the time.

Queen then recognised three critical steps that were required for Tsheto Leadership and Coaching Academy to take off and soar to limitless new heights: To crystalise a definition of what a leader is, what coaching of a leader really means and what the most effective tools and vehicle are to successfully coach leaders.

Principles that underpin the Tsheto Way

What followed this important milestone in the company’s history has irrevocably shaped the main cornerstones on which the House of Tsheto is built. We invite you to learn more about the X-Factor that underlies all of our leadership programmes.

A powerful truth that every true leader should be aware of

As time went on, Queen kept asking herself what was the most important truth she always had to remember. A great thing that will be her inner compass to measure if she is on the right path.

Watch the 10-minute video below to learn more about the life-changing revelation she experienced.

Queen then recognised three critical steps that were required for Tsheto to take off and soar to limitless new heights: To clearly define what a leader is, what coaching of a leader means and what the most effective tools and the vehicle to coach leaders are.