Team Alignment


Experts worldwide agree that team alignment is imperative for more collaborate and cohesive teams who in turn ensure enhanced stakeholder experiences and ultimately, more efficient  business processes. The Tsheto Team Alignment Programme creates optimal impact through deeply embedding four simple, yet ultra-effective practices in the way that teams engage, namely, to talk, listen, ask and commit. In practise, this means that teams learn how to create a space where everyone can share their opinion, where there is an openness to others’ point of view, curiosity to learn about others’ experiences and a firm commitment to respect and embrace input and contributions from others.

Who should attend?

All teams who form part of any businesses who aims for consistent high performance.

Programme outline

The following fundamentals are covered in every Tsheto Team Alignment Programme, whilst providing room to add other elements for optimally powered teams, subject to each business’ unique requirements:

  • Understanding and aligning to the business’ vision, mission and values
  • The importance of unquestionable integrity
  • How to co-create successfully with people who are different
  • How to communicate in ways that empowers, enriches or enlightens all involved
  • Accountability, self-awareness and self-leadership
  • Commitments to self and others

Key Outcomes

  • Open, engaging, inspirational and enriching communication
  • Improved productivity and performance
  • Increased motivation and morale
  • Optimal operational efficiency
  • Greater ability to make swift decisions
  • Greater agility to adapt to ever-changing business environments
  • Greater openness to different ideas and approaches

Every programme participant also receives the Tsheto set of self-leadership tools, which comprise of either a diary and cards, or a journal and cards, that are based on the Tsheto conscious leadership principles.

Programme duration and cost

As the Tsheto Team Alignment Programme is tailored to your specific personal or business requirements, the duration and costs will vary. We invite you to talk to us today about how we can help you achieve your business goals in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

“To move in the same direction, teams need to firstly appreciate that the members are all different. Secondly, teams need to understand the beginning and the end of the journey, have clarity on the different steps they must take to get to the final destination, know how to keep on evaluating their progress and commit to holding themselves accountable for it.”

Queen RamotsehoaFounder of Tsheto