Women Leadership


Anchored in consciousness™, the Tsheto Women Leadership Programme was purposefully designed to empower women to gain absolutely clarity of who they are and who they are to others, so they can rise into their own higher potential and fulfil these multitude of roles with commitment, feminine grace and efficiency.

Essentially, women innately have unique and critical qualities such as emotional intelligence (EQ), which according to the World Economic Forum (WEF) will be one of the most critical skills required  in the “Future World of Work,” where mankind’s greatest challenge will be to retain humanity in the face of this increasingly digitally-driven world.

Who should attend?

The Tsheto Women Leadership Programme is not only suitable for every woman who wishes to unlock her own highest power and potential and achieve her personal and professional goals, and also for every female staff member of every business that aims to develop their female staff and increase their percentage of female managers and executives.

Why do we need to increase the number of female managers and executives?

Despite the significant strides made towards gender equality in both business in society, the latest Future of Jobs Report by WEF, indicate that there are still significant barriers to women’s workforce participation. Some of the barriers to entry cited in this report, include the following:

  • “… especially in well-established, older organizations, workplace structures that were designed for a past era still, often unwittingly, favour men
  • Additionally, women’s historically low participation in the labour market means they have relatively fewer role models to look towards across all industries.
  • Research from the US, UK and Germany suggests that women have a poor perception of senior roles and lack a clear line of sight as to how senior leadership positions might help them achieve their objectives, lacking role models who can reveal the trade-offs and benefits they bring
  • Women’s confidence and aspirations are seen as another barrier.”

Programme outline

In addition to helping women overcome the last barrier to workforce participation as cited above, which is a lack of confidence and aspiration, the following fundamentals are covered in every Women Leadership Programme, whilst providing room to add other leadership elements, subject to each business’ unique requirements: 

  • Matured positioning of women in an evolving culture both in society and in business
  • Who AM I – Woman’s identity from a position of personal power
  • Who AM I in my different roles?
  • Clarity on how my self-image manifests through what I SAY, DO, WHO I AM, 24/7
  • The ability to ‘read’ what is mirrored back to me through how people around ME react and/or respond to me
  • Commitment to staying incorruptible, and acknowledgement that it takes 24/7 awareness and full responsibility and self-leadership

Key Outcomes

  • Confident female leaders who have purpose and clarity on their goals and roles
  • Enhanced productivity and efficiency
  • Empowering, enriching and uplifting working relationships
  • Increased percentage of women who are ready to step into leadership roles
  • Women who know how to “include” in their leadership, for a whole society.

Every programme participant also receives the Tsheto set of self-leadership tools, which comprise either a diary and cards, or a journal and cards, that are based on the Tsheto conscious leadership principles.

Programme duration and cost

As the Tsheto Women Leadership Programme is tailored to your specific personal or business requirements, the duration and costs will vary. We invite you to talk to us today about how we can help you achieve your business goals in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

“When women do not play a role but remain authentic to who they are and do not compete, but play to their own strengths to complement, collaborate and co-create with men, they will leave the world richer.”

Queen RamotsehoaFounder of Tsheto